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Correcting Time

by Fred F. Harris, Jr.

ISBN - 978-0966670582
Pubdate - 2005
USD Price - $20.00

The Lucifer rebellion has finally been adjudicated. Satan has been eliminated. The order has come down from Paradise that the quarantined planets, including Earth, are to be brought back into the universe citizenship. The celestial realms are abuzz with excitement. Legions of teachers and assistants are sent to Earth to reconnect its universe circuits and to assist in the spiritual upliftment of the planet. Their only constraint is that the free will of the people can not be violated.

Mortals are being recruited to assist in the process of awakening the population. Roland and Vincent are hardly people who you would think would be recruited. Neither is particularly interested in religion and neither could be classified as a saint. Has there been a cosmic mistake? Surely there are more qualified applicants! Watch as these two misfits lend a hand in the Correcting Time.
I have spent the last several days reading your book. I have to discipline myself not to inhale it, but just slow down and sip it like brandy. I started reading it like it was an autobiography, until I realized that it was an instructional manual (to those who will use it as one). So much of it resonates within me. I think your book will have many ripples in the water...I think you are onto something very real and very wonderful. Many things that are fundamental to my being are in your book.

To say that I am enthralled and captivated falls short.

From the Author
This is a fictionalized autobiography. The trick is determining what is fact and what is fiction. There seems to be a time in each person's life when they turn from strictly secular pursuits and contemplate the spiritual. Each person reacts differently to this urge. Each person wonders what his or her role is in God's plan. Vincent, the book's main character, wonders the same thing.