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Meetings with Paul: An Atheist Discovers His Guardian Angel

By Philip Krapf

ISBN - 978-157983-021-2
Pubdate - June 2008
USD Price - $15.95

Phil Krapf, one of the most prominent persons ever to claim ET contact, winning the Pulitzer Prize with the Metro team at the LA Times, reports on an equally astonishing and often hilarious series of encounters—this time with Paul, his guardian angel. Examine your own relationship with the world of spirit as you read this account of Paul’s materializations. Narrated with Krapf’s trademark journalistic clarity. In this true story of an otherworldly teacher who consoles a professed unbeliever, the author slowly overcomes his skepticism as he gratefully learns how our angels serve us over our lifetimes—and how vital they are in our daily lives.
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"I ask that people regard the revelations in Phillip Krapf’s book with the same attention they directed to the Pentagon Papers in 1971. I view The Challenge of Contact in the same vein, and I say this as one of the attorneys for the New York Times who worked on the Pentagon Papers case."
--Daniel Sheehan, Chief counsel for civil litigation in the Iran-Contra affair, Chief counsel for Karen Silkwood case
"I have been aware of the possibility of imminent contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence ever since I began my research over thirty-five years ago. I have concluded that contact of some sort has been underway for at least twenty years. Phil Krapf's The Challenge of Contact is in my opinion an honest, bona fide and courageous report of a real and explosive new reality for modern twenty-first century humanity . . . I commend Phil's courage in speaking out."
--Retired Command Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean