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Mind Science: Meditation Training for Practical People

by Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.

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November 2000
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Rich with lucid instructions and practical insights, Mind Science dispels the metaphysical haze that all too often surrounds the subject of meditation. Based on a lively workshop with fellow scientists, Charles Tart shows how the pragmatic and scientifically-inclined among us can bring mindfulness into everyday life without religious baggage -- while clearly explaining its many spiritual and health benefits.
These highly interactive and often witty sessions in front of a skeptical audience anticipate the questions that any practical person might have about meditative mindfulness. If you’ve been looking for a clear teaching on how and why to meditate that is free of sectarian involvement, this is the book for you.

Mind Science is based on a workshop at the country’s leading scientific conference on the study of consciousness, held bi-annually at the University of Arizona at Tucson. Tart’s jovial and wide-ranging style makes Mind Science suitable reading for intelligent lay people with a practical and scientific inclination, as well as the academically- and scientifically-trained students of consciousness and related fields. Mind Science is, in fact, the only current book on meditation by an author who is
also a well-respected scientist.
"Recommended as an excellent introduction to meditation... especially valuable for people who are not already on a spiritual path, and who would be put off by spiritual language or metaphysical assumptions."

--Roger Walsh, Ph.D., author of Essential Spirituality
for the work of Charles Tart

"Tart is the most important writer [on] the scientific study of Expanded consciousness in the world at the moment."-- Colin Wilson

"One of the world’s leading experts in the field [of] consciousness research."
-- Frances Vaughn

"If all academic scientists had his open and discriminating mind, progress would be made exponentially."-- C. Norman Sheely, M.D.

"A pioneer in the integration of ancient wisdom and contemporary science."
-- Roger Walsh