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The Sherman Diaries, 5 volumes
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The Sherman Diaries, v.1: Dawning Revelations, 1898-1942

by Saskia Raevouri and Matthew Block

ISBN - 978-0966670547
Pubdate - February 2003
USD Price - $19.95

This first of five volumes of diaries and letters covers the years leading up to Harold and Martha Sherman's move to Chicago to join the Forum that received the Urantia revelation. It covers Harold's successful writing career in New York and Hollywood, their great friendship with Forumite Harry Loose who introduced them to the Urantia concepts, their relationships with Sir Hubert Wilkins and other notables of the times, and their introduction to and correspondence with Dr William Sadler, the custodian of the revelation.

In a note found inside Harold Sherman's personal copy of the Urantia Book he has written his own introduction: "Perhaps not in any literature conceived by man in the long history of life on this earth does there exist such a boundless and majestic account of the universe and universe beings as is contained in a stupendous, privately published volume known as the book of Urantia, which purports to have been dictated by an organized staff of higher intelligences and transmitted through the mind circuits of a mysterious, unknown, sleeping subject—a businessman who, in his conscious state, had no knowledge whatsoever concerning these transmissions and who apparently cared even less. There are unsolved angles related to this metaphysical mystery story, but enough is known to provide a background for one of the most amazing, as well as provocative, narratives that any reader interested in philosophy or the occult might ever encounter, any time, anywhere. Prepare, then,to enter upon a most unique, dramatic and intriguing mental adventure, as I take you behind the scenes and share with you, the incredible firsthand experience that Mrs. Sherman and I have had in trying to determine the true from the fake as it has been related to a document which consumed over 40 years in the writing and