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The Sherman Diaries, 5 volumes
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The Sherman Diaries, v.2: Revelation and Rebellion, 1942

by Saskia Raevouri and Matthew Block

ISBN - 978-0966670561
Pubdate - November 2003
USD Price - $19.95

This book is the second of a five-volume series detailing Harold and Martha Sherman's involvement with the Urantia revelation. Volume One, "Dawning Revelations," began with Harold's smalltown boyhood and ended in the spring of 1942, as he and Martha were about to move to Chicago to study the Urantia papers as they were coming through. The current volume, "Revelation and Rebellion," takes place in 1942 and records the Shermans’ first flush of enthusiasm for the revelation and the events that culminated in the first major conflict among Urantia believers. It provides a far more informative account of this troubled period than that found in Harold’s 1976 book, How to Know What to Believe.

From the back cover:

"There is a book to be written eventually in which all these matters may be brought forth. Having this book in mind, I might suggest that you keep some sort of diary for future reference. Believe me, you will very surely need it. Just think, between what I have been able to tell you and what you have learned from reading the Book, you and Martha, to my own personal knowledge, now know more of these things than any two humans have ever known before." —Harry Loose, June 14, 1942