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The Sherman Diaries, 5 volumes
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The Sherman Diaries, v.4: Turning Point, 1944-1945

by Saskia Raevouri and Matthew Block

ISBN - 978-0966670574
Pubdate - December 2005
USD Price - $19.95

In this volume Harold and Martha Sherman report their Urantia-related experiences for the years 1944 and 1945. During this period the Forum hears the papers that became Part III of the Urantia Book, and the Shermans record their impressions of each paper as well as their discussions with Forum friends on these and other subjects. No longer in the forefront of controversy, the Shermans quietly maintain their criticisms of Dr. Sadler's handling of the papers. However, a frank meeting in late 1945 with Harry Loose's close friend, Reverend Williams, causes the Shermans to reflect anew on their involvement with the Urantia project, resulting in a "turning point" of sorts.