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The Search for 11:11- A Journey into the Spirit World

by George Mathieu Barnard

ISBN - 978-0957788961
Pubdate - March 2005
USD Price - $15.00

Through this book, the reader will discover the 1,111 Spirit Guardians-the indigenous Spirit Helpers of the planet. These extra-ordinary planetary helpers dwell in the realms midway between angel and human, and belong to a group just 1,111 in number. Their 11:11 time-prompts, known to many around the world, are the signals of their presence. They and their human helpmates quietly serve the planet behind the scenes. These interspecies teams have usually gone unrecorded in the annals of history-until now.
This is an intriguing book. It is not hard to read, although George does have an
unusual sense of humour and style. It's probably due to being of European (Dutch/
French) extraction and sunburnt in Australia.

George tells of his personal experiences with spirit beings which has gone on most
of his life, and allowed him to be a powerful healer of some troubled souls. As far as
I know, George is the first to have documented contact with these midwayers, hence
the name 11:11. He has promised that there are more books to follow! We await
with great interest.
-- Geoff Cutler