Waking Up in Time




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Waking Up in Time

by Peter Russell

ISBN - 978-1-57983-020-5
Pubdate - October 2008
USD Price - $17.95

In this tenth anniversary edition of an award-winning bestseller, visionary scientist Peter Russell updates this classic manifesto for awakening to the mounting planetary crisis while deepening our connection to inner tranquility. Amid fears of ecological catastrophe, this book stands out for its message of sanity and hope.

Author of The Global Brain, Russell has long been renowned as a herald for spiritual rebirth, and here he offers a gripping account of the human community hurtling ever closer toward the “Omega” of history—when humanity will face its evolutionary moment of truth.

With a New Foreword by Ervin Lazslo
Ben Franklin Award & Independent Publishers Award (1999)
"The principal spiritual challenge of our moment is the transformation of our immense power into a new planetary wisdom. . . . For anyone interested in participating in this task there is simply no better place to begin than Peter Russell's Waking Up in Time."--Brian Swimme, Ph.D, author of The Universe Story
"A unique and perceptive analysis of the global crisis at its most powerful levels. The prescriptions it offers are hopeful and inspirational."
--Stanley Krippner, Ph.D, coauthor of The Mythic Path
"Brings the message we need to wake up in time . . . from one of the most evolved minds of our time."
--Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D, coauthor of The Whispering Pond and Third Millennium
"Peter Russell's ideas are music to my ears. A physicist who meditates. Peter has made the journey 'Out and In.' He adds quality to the quantity."
--Mike Pinder, founder of The Moody Blues


Previous Edition - White Hole in Time

"A wake-up call. Peter Russell calls upon his specialized knowledge in physics and spiritual disciplines, as well as a keen political sense, to bring us face to face with the present moment." --Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy